Monday, November 2, 2009

Spooky SKATE on Halloween

SKATE on Halloween at the AF park - and in costume I might add. Many showed up Halloween morning for the festivities. Here's the results for the Spooky Game-O-SKATE:

  • 1st - Trevor Mason. Costume: Indian boy.

  • Trevor hardflippin' to first place. With the feather and his shadow he looks like one of the lost boys on Peter Pan.
    Trevor, indian | hardflippin' to 1st place
  • 2nd - Dustin Wayne Hill. Costume: Monk.

  • Dustin the monk getting the letter 'T'
    Dustin, monk | getting the letter 'T'
  • 3rd - Justice Goble. Costume: Pirate.

  • The winners with their pumpkin trophies.
    Dustin, Trevor, Justice | the winners

And winner of "Matt's Huckfest" (best trick down the eight) . . . Chase Strikwerda. He destroyed it like a Velociraptor.
I still have no idea how Chase pulled off this front board. He couldn't see much of anything with that raptor mask on. Raw.
Chase, raptor | Freaky frontboard
Some of the amazing Halloween costumes were Ernie from Sesame Street, Billy Mays, a pirate, a raptor, a nerd, a monk, an indian, a dinosaur and Link from The Legend of Zelda to name a few.
Trevor got 1st pumpkin.
Indian Trevor | 1st pumpkin
Link the Tri Force is complete!
Bryce, Link | The Tri Force is complete!
Dave had a boring costume, he was just a skater. Tre flip.
Dave | tre
I had a blast. A nerdy one. Photo by Parker Cross aka Billy Mays.
Blake, nerd | dork stall
Thanks to Milo and Siege Audio for the support.
More spooky shredding will be posted soon!