Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nikon Touch!

Alright, so I haven't posted anything for a while. Here's a few links to a couple of things I've been up to lately:
My senior project group is working on redesigning KRCL 90.9fm's website. We are giving it a face lift and attempting to make things more user friendly. For those of you that may care, we are building the new site in WordPress so they can have a blog and use it as a CMS to update their site as they please. It's been a fun project so far.

I still enjoy animate GIFs and am learning about CSS 3 and HTML 5, PHP and Wordpress and lots about Photoshop. Tons of fun. I've been teaching a Photoshop class at UVU as an adjunct professor. I keep learning tons of tricks and wish I'd known some of the basics better when I started. (The same goes for learning photography and also web. All The Fundamentals ((ATF) - remember that skate company from the 90s?)

So Nikon's new Nikon Touch bookmark is the raddest thing. You should check it out and then come back to my blog (or any blog you enjoy, or Flickr ect.) and use it to view photos! It's along the lines of Wii and Microsoft's Natal project and will basically blow your mind.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

From the Archives: Skate Poetry

I've been meaning to get to this project for a long time - one of those things I've put off and put off. I want to digitize all my old skate photos and get them organized on a website or something. Anything better than in a box. When I pulled a box of my photos out of the closet my project turned out to be a bigger undertaking than I
I found some photos and other treasures. One of them was this poem I wrote when I was 8th grade!

I figured it would be best if I took it out of my stash and scanned it for your enjoyment.
One of my New Year's resolutions is to get all my old photos scanned.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Devin & the full pipe

Devin York | frontside fullpipe
The thing about this photo is that Devin couldn't have got any higher in the pipe - he's crouched in the corner. Also he'd start at the other end of the pipe, run, throw down his board and snake carve it up. He told me he loves tranny.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Crail Life

This is a photo of my friend Devin York. He displayed such nice form on his crail slide and it was Halloween so I had to give this photo a special Photoshop treatment. Maybe a little over done. Maybe. But I don't think it takes away from the rawness of Devin's slasher.
Devin York | Crail slide slasher

Monday, November 2, 2009

Spooky SKATE on Halloween

SKATE on Halloween at the AF park - and in costume I might add. Many showed up Halloween morning for the festivities. Here's the results for the Spooky Game-O-SKATE:

  • 1st - Trevor Mason. Costume: Indian boy.

  • Trevor hardflippin' to first place. With the feather and his shadow he looks like one of the lost boys on Peter Pan.
    Trevor, indian | hardflippin' to 1st place
  • 2nd - Dustin Wayne Hill. Costume: Monk.

  • Dustin the monk getting the letter 'T'
    Dustin, monk | getting the letter 'T'
  • 3rd - Justice Goble. Costume: Pirate.

  • The winners with their pumpkin trophies.
    Dustin, Trevor, Justice | the winners

And winner of "Matt's Huckfest" (best trick down the eight) . . . Chase Strikwerda. He destroyed it like a Velociraptor.
I still have no idea how Chase pulled off this front board. He couldn't see much of anything with that raptor mask on. Raw.
Chase, raptor | Freaky frontboard
Some of the amazing Halloween costumes were Ernie from Sesame Street, Billy Mays, a pirate, a raptor, a nerd, a monk, an indian, a dinosaur and Link from The Legend of Zelda to name a few.
Trevor got 1st pumpkin.
Indian Trevor | 1st pumpkin
Link the Tri Force is complete!
Bryce, Link | The Tri Force is complete!
Dave had a boring costume, he was just a skater. Tre flip.
Dave | tre
I had a blast. A nerdy one. Photo by Parker Cross aka Billy Mays.
Blake, nerd | dork stall
Thanks to Milo and Siege Audio for the support.
More spooky shredding will be posted soon!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spooky Game-O-SKATE

We had to do it again this year since last year Frontside (RIP) did a Halloween contest and it was such a blast. Maybe it'll become an AF park tradition.
Scroll down to see photos from last year...