Monday, May 11, 2009

The Results Are In...

During the ProAm division, zone 1 - the 8 stair got sessioned quite heavily by many. Matt Fisher, Brodie Penrod, Oliver Buchanan, Cordale, Sam Hubble, Kevin Hutson were a few who pulled off some amazing tricks.

And the winners are....
1st Brodie Penrod. Kickflip crooks / kickflip backtail
2nd Oliver Buchanan. Frontside halfcab flip / Nollie flip backlip
3rd Kevin Hutson. back heel / back noseblunt
4th Sam Hubble. BS 360 / BS 180 nosegrind
5th Kevin Fedderson
I would've hated to be a judge...tough call on some wonderful skating!
(No worries, plenty of sequencial verification will follow.)

Shout Outs:
Volcom for loving the AF Park. Jeff, Jared, Josh and everyone else whose name starts with a J and the others who wondered around the park for 5 hours getting sunburned shooting photos and filming.
All the guys I don't get to see very often who I won't name cuz I'm shy, but you know who you are!
The judges.
Everyone who brought their camera and took photos. Keep shooting and send what you got if you want it posted...
Every kid who skated.
Every one who came to support a skater they know.


  1. his name is kyle aka kitten or baby feet

  2. HOLY HOT DAMN....