Sunday, May 10, 2009

Volcom | Wild in the Parks | AF Park

Fine Print: as always mouse over images to see skater and trick name. All images Blake Johnson copyright 2009....
Yesterday was fun. I was supposed to go camping, but didn't because I going to teach a photography class in Orem, but no one showed up... Weston called me back to say he was out of town and that I should go check out the Volcom contest happening at the AF park. "I had no idea that was today." I said. So I went to rubber neck at a house being burned down for fireman training near my house.

Then I applied large amounts of sunscreen to my head, grabbed my camera gear and some water and headed for AF park.

Last year (the first year Volcom put on this comp) I had a great time talking to people I hadn't seen forever and shooting photos. I even met some of the Volcom guys and got some photos on the Volcom website. Jeff and Jared (hope I got their names right) are among those who made the event rad.
So this year was no different (except I got way more photos and was happy to see way more people I don't get to see often and got way more sunburned) it was a great day at AF park. There were many notable tricks. I got stoked.
Check back later for more photos of some of the more memorable tricks from Wild in the Parks 2009!

Oh, and there was a Devin sighting. At least for me it was a sighting. I'll post sequencial verification later. And if you don't mind me saying, I think he looks like Dan Drehobl in this photo.
P.S. If you have any photos or video send em my way and I'll post them on Ledge Loaf and/or we can put a link to your website/twitter/blog/facebook/myspace...


  1. Lookin' good bro. Need to get Wasatch (or some future shred project) and Ledge Loaf integrated somehow.

  2. I want to see more photos! What were the results? Who won?

  3. You can see my dumb face lurking in the Devin York photo. And he could look more like Cancer Dan if he would've been smoking a cigarette.

    P.S. That foto of Oliver has some rad DOF.